Sunday, August 01, 2010

D-backs moving to the future after trade deadline

With the trading deadline now come and gone, it's time to reflect a bit on what the D-backs were able to accomplish.  Overall, I think that interim GM Jerry Dipoto did an admirable job given the circumstances he was placed in.  He managed to shed about $47M of payroll over the next few years ($23.8M for next season alone), which should allow for much more flexibility moving forward in terms of future acquisitions.

To be honest, the team is certainly in no worse shape than before the trading started, and I would argue a better team.  The Dan Haren deal falls in the D-backs favor in that Joe Saunders is a very respectable starter in this league, and whose numbers almost exactly mirror those of Haren's this year, and gives them the lefty starter they've so desperately needed.  It also clearly appears that Tyler Skaggs will be the PTBNL in the deal once August 7th rolls around, and he is a much coveted LHP that the D-backs could see in the bigs within a couple of years.
19-year old LHP Tyler Skaggs

For the Edwin Jackson dealing to the White Sox, I like getting Dan Hudson in return.  Jackson was clearly not providing top of the rotation performance for the money for AZ, and Hudson is a young starter who had remarkable AAA stats this year.  It remains to be seen if he will pan out, but don't see any downside over Jackson.

The Chad Qualls deal was a no-brainer...and I'm shocked the D-backs actually managed to get a PTBNL out of it.

As for Chris Snyder going to the Pirates, I'm not really sure what to make of this one, although dumping his salary was first and foremost for the front office.  Getting a couple of veterans in Bobby Crosby and Ryan Church doesn't look to be long-term in nature, and guessing these guys were pushed on the D-backs in order to make this deal happen.  RHP D.J. Carrasco struggled in his debut last night, but he'll be given a chance for the rest of the season to see if he can stick around.

As for the guys that were not dealt, sure glad that Kelly Johnson remains a Diamondback.  He is an outstanding hitting 2B, and his price tag is well worth it.  Let's hope he remains in uniform through next year as well.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how they fared.  Let's see if the next month of waiver deals provides any additional movement.

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backwardsK said...

agree mostly,but think giving up Haren was a brutal move...he was the face of this franchise