Thursday, May 05, 2011

Where are the D-backs heading right now?

I see this rubber game matchup tonight with the Rockies as fairly pivotal in the grand scheme of the long 2011 season.  If they can win the series against the NL West leader (and I believe the division champion at the end of the year), it will set the proper tone going forward for what this team is able to accomplish.

Nobody is foolish to believe that the D-backs will contend at all this season, but I still believe in my prediction that they can be a .500 ballclub.  That's a lofty goal to be sure for a team coming off of 97 losses of a year ago, but they should have enough hitting and defense (and just enough pitching) to finish in the middle of the division.

Losing this series with the Rockies will obviously not kick them to the basement, but it will bruise their psyche a bit and push them a step in the wrong direction.


blogger said...

Yeah, my prediction is 500 baseball as well. Yet, sometimes I think that is more of a hope than prediction. Too many close games continue to go against us. Upton and Young need to be satisfied with singles and rbi's at times, rather than home runs.

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Andrew Ryan said...

I hear ya. My heart tends to take the lead here instead of my head. But, I still think they have a good chance to get there, as some of these close games will start going our way eventually.